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About us

We are an ethnic-fusion wear brand that strives to stand out and chart our own path. We create innovative and unconventional styles by crafting a contemporary twist to the timeless classics. While seamlessly incorporating emerging trends, we stay true to our rich heritage.

Our brand specializes in designing vibrant, vivacious and versatile looks that can be enjoyed, no matter the occasion.

We embrace the edgy, the different, and the fearless. We refuse to be bound by a standard or an expectation. We don’t believe in “one size fits all”. In this, we take after our girls. Our Ira girls are unique individuals with their own unique tastes and we try to expand our horizons to meet these challenges wholeheartedly.

Why follow the trend when you can make it? #BecomeTheRageOur brand specializes in designing vibrant, vivacious and versatile looks that can be enjoyed, no matter the occasion.

Our Story

As homage to our inspiration and the centre of our universe, we chose to name ourselves “Ira” after the mother of founders - well, at least our mother. Our sun or as the French language calls it, our “soleil”, Ira is and has always been feisty, witty and spontaneous. A lawyer, mother, homemaker and more multi-faceted than any labels could capture, Ira has been questioning the norm since 1942.

She personified then the idea of empowerment that we stand behind now by her very existence.

An imaginative rebel, she chose to do things her way, a trait she passed on to her children, to us.

We, Sanjita Prasad and Simi Srivastava, founded our dream project, Ira Soleil. Discontent with the tent-like or constricting fitting of traditional clothes, or that “traditional” meant old and outdated, we rejected the notion that any one standard could work for all. We found our solution in creating. And we created for the Iras of the world.

The journey began in the small office of a textile exports firm in 2017 and now includes hundreds of people spread across various outlets in India, in select stores overseas, and on several sites online. We have stayed loyal to our identity in celebrating couture fashion with you.  While it has been a whirlwind adventure, we have enjoyed every moment of it, and we would like to extend our gratitude to you for helping us make this a possibility.

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Women ( thank god!) come in 200 shapes and sizes. To clump them all into one called “free size” meant that a petite 28” girl would wear an XXL meant to fit a 45” bust! How is this stylish? How can it even fall into the “fashion” category? Even hospital scrubs would be more flattering! So first we dismantled the “boutique” and deconstructed “Designer” wear. We decided to design the edgiest and fashion-forward silhouettes that would fit like a glove, be delectably stylish and make her feel like a million bucks. Most designers dress the higher income size zero woman. What made these look even more fantastic, was that the fit of the style was so customized, that it looked like it was painted on! We wanted that!!!. And we were greedy, “no fishing in the small pond”. We wanted to clothe everyone .. all sizes ..all shapes, whether Size 0, 1..2..3..4..5..6..or 7. WHATEVER! Besides a size zero woman would look good in a sack, the challenge was to make even the new mom feel sexy again. They all had to feel equally beautiful! Our target customer is a happy, modern, independent and adventurous gal. She is willing to take risks, does not either conform to any given norm or care to prove her inner strength to anybody. She is fiercely patriotic and knows right from wrong without ambiguity. She personifies “Ira”…. You can depend on “Ira".. always. In addition to the stretch fabrics and little tricks in styling, we decided to add two more sizes., so we have size XS right up to XXL. This covers practically 80% of all women in India. and no matter where she is “Ira” knows that when she wears Ira Soleil, it will fit like it was specially tailored for her, and she will be Aphrodite! Designer wear is snooty! Many hesitate to even enter the higher end boutiques. So we took the product and broke down every process and component and put together a collection that hardly ever crosses 2 k. “No woman left behind is the plan, and let’s face it .. in FB and Insta times.. how many of us can repeat special occasion wear? And given that we cannot, then why would we want to shell out 100’s of 1000’s for every occasion? The funda was that if the style costs X then the perceived value had to be 4X! So the value delivered is Wow! All this was quite risky, but then we were known to be adrenalin junkies! The only way to find out was to leap in feet first! Happy to report that we learned to swim and in style! ( pun intended) We are be-friending “Ira(s)” in every corner of the globe, from Raipur to Bangalore, too far-flung Chile, to downtown NYC. They had set out to buy "traditional" but they happily slipped into a slinky stretch tunic (not traditional), cut in edgy shapes and silhouettes(not traditional), yet they buy and flaunt and look like a million bucks every time! All the Ira (s) out there are kickass women, fighting to be unique and extremely stylish. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons they keep coming back, demanding new and more innovative styles from us every day, every week…. We struggle to keep up, but we do! and so far have kept to our promise of "one new style for every day of the year" Are we fast fashion? I guess we are, we sprint fast and are nimble-footed, kill old styles never to be repeated again, sure we get copied, but that’s ok we are flattered to be imitated… we move on… faster and fitter.
Simi Srivastava 
Sanjita Prasad