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Ira Soleil x Aire-33

The Unmask

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A new way of life has emerged where we don’t recognize the person in front of us because we’ve had to resort to wearing a mask every time we step out. A friendly smile has become a thing of the past.

We at Ira Soleil have found a somewhat unique way around it, without breaking any protocols.

We see a glimmer of hope again as Aire-33 collaborates with Ira Soleil to bring to you transparent masks. A safe and efficient way to experience the old life without having to compromise on your safety or the new social norms.

The Aire-33 masks are soft, flexible and made of a soft transparent compound with a 2.5 filter and 95% efficiency, which ensures that you continue breathing without hiding your smile. The medical-grade filter can be washed and re-used 5-7 times before being replaced and helps contain the virus.

Our transparent masks can be sanitized by wiping or washing and works best when adopted with other measures of social distancing. The Aire-33 transparent mask will make the new safety measures seem like part of the old norms as it allows you to engage better with customers, clients and co-workers.

It's time to feel liberated and empowered again as you unmask your smile with our latest face mask.

The added benefit of using the Aire-33 masks is that it's good for the environment. A one time purchase which can be reused and easily disposed. Silicone, one of the compounds used in our mask is not harmful to the environment and leaves you doing your little part in not hampering the environment further. Unlike PPEs and cloth masks which are putting a strain on our oceans and the environment, the Aire-33 brings out your smile and leaves you with a guilt free experience.

It's time to bring out your smile again!

Click here to shop the Unmask.